The establishment in Gaeta

The establishment in Gaeta is composed of modern structures regarding bottling technology and conservation, has as its goal to achieve genuine wines, fine and high quality, always respecting the ancient wine traditions. Also this plant is provided by stainless steel tanks, 70, of which also temperature controlled, relying on a unit of fridge 600.000 fr/h.

The production capacity of this plant is 6,000 bottles per hour, fully automated, limiting the human component with the sole task of monitoring. The total annual production, therefore, amounts to 3,000,000 bottles, divided into various sizes and types, even if the actual production potential of reaching the 12 million bottles a year.

The CA.VI.CI. thanks to cutting-edge technology that is attached, its entire production chain is carried out under the HACCP control plans, without forgetting all the certification obtained for most of its products by the SGS international, the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

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Via S. Agostino, 41

04024 Gaeta LT - Italy

VAT n.: 01867220590


Via S. Agostino Loc. Monte Conca Sud

04024 Gaeta LT

Tel. +39 0771 470864

Fax +39 0771 712367


Via Pratolungo, 118

00049 Velletri RM

Tel/Fax +39 06 9624636