Il Saracino IGT

The strong personality of the wine is evoked by its name “The Saracen”, calling back to the barbarian hordes of Saracens who lived in Sicily in the 14th century, penetrating our villages and helping to develop “Sanginella Nera” grapes that adapted well to the zone. This wine has character that ranks it among the highly prized elite of wines. It is particulary suited with roasts, game and strong cheeses. Serve at room temperature.


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  • Uvaggio: Sanginella Nera 80%, Montepulciano 20%
  • Colore: Colore Rosso rubino intenso con riflessi violacei
  • Profumo: Sentori di frutta secca, tabacco e cacao
  • Gusto: Gusto ampio e persistente
  • Gradazione: 13,5% Vol
  • Formato: 75 cl
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